About Us

Who We Are:

Salon Wax Supplies is based out of Phoenix Arizona and has exclusive distribution rights for Arizona and Utah.  We provide every Satin Smooth Product and carry a large stock to supply waxing salons across the US.  

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to be a reliable source of Wax and Wax supplies from Satin Smooth.  That means that if you have large volume needs or small volume needs, we are committed to keeping enough Satin Smooth Wax in stock to meet your demand.  

How We Got Started:

Salon Wax Supplies started because of a growing demand for Wax for one of our Brazilian Wax, Sugar Me Wax.  As they started to grow, they experienced that most of the wax supply stores either didn't carry enough Satin Smooth Wax or the price with shipping was too high.  We started carrying large quantities and a variety of wax to meet the demands of their Brazilian Wax Salons in Scottsdale, AZ and for salons across the country that have a similar demand and need. 

Where Are We Located:

Our current location is a warehouse in Scottsdale Arizona.  We use a shipping facility to send all products direct to customers within 24hours of ordering (except on weekends). 

4260 N Drinkwater Ave #110B
Scottsdale, AZ 85281

How To Reach Us:

Contacting us is easy through our contact us page!